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Coordinator: Stefano Avesani Eurac Research
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Manager: Gloria Peasso Eurac Research

Offsite Renovation Academy in Milan

Building renovation training opportunity for construction professionals.

ISO 52016-1 buildings’ energy performance analysis made easier

New library to calculate energy needs of buildings, through simulations made using building archetypes.

Heating up towards spring

Heat pump successfully installed and under a commissioning process to be soon fully operational.

Now on TV: INFINITE Façades

Prefabrication and solutions for energy efficiency on Italian television “Linea Verde Life”

Prefabricated Nature Based Solutions

What are the advantages of green walls and green façades on buildings and residents’ life?

How will the next generation of dynamic smart windows operate?

Plasmochromic glazing for the innovation of smart windows.

How economically competitive is industrialised deep retrofit?

New comparative Life Cycle Costing (LCC) analysis compares the cost of the industrialised off-site and the traditional on-site approaches for building renovation.

Multifunctional facades on JFDE special issue

The Journal of Facade Design and Engineering “Multifunctional Façades for Renovation through Industrialization” released.

Photovoltaic green roofs: what opportunities for South Tyrol?

Workshop on challenges and opportunities for the adoption of photovoltaic green roofs.

INFINITE BIM-P wins at BIM&Digital Awards 2023!

INFINITE BIM platform won the first prize at the BIM&Digital Awards 2023 in the category of “Digital Technologies for the Construction Process.”

BIM-P: the platform revolutionising access to building data

Better collaboration and building data management for architects and engineers with the INFINITE BIM-P platform.

From paper to reality: first tests on the Slovenian demo building

Installation tests on the mock-up BIPV façade in the Slovenian demo building and advancements in the ventilation system.

PV Pergola – Combining energy, nature and recreational space

Together with students from the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, the concept of PV Pergola has been developed further with the design of practical solutions to combine greenery and photovoltaics.

Tests are hot right now

New tests ongoing at Eurac Research outdoor lab, studying both facades and windows performances in summer heat.

50 shades of deep renovation: workshop insights from Sustainable Places 2023

Key takeaways, barriers and preconditions for successful industrialization of the built sector

Smart Glazing for Energy-Efficient Building Envelopes at Sustainable Places 2023

Enhancing efficiency and comfort with plasmochromic technology developed during INFINITE research project.

REbuild 2023: Accelerating building renovation together

Results and presentations of the INFINITE Mid-term conference and workshop on off-site retrofit at the 2023 edition of REbuild in Riva del Garda featuring experts of the built sector.

Multifunctional prefab timber module workshop at FH Salzburg 

Workshop on timber modules in prefabricated building renovation at University of Applied Sciences FH Salzburg.

Newsletter #4 on its way!

Discover the latest news on the building retrofit technologies on the 4th edition of INFINITE newsletter and subscribe.

Retrofit to achieve the nZEB target: a first look into demo case designs.

A first look into the design of the demo cases and the prefabricated renovation technologies for the retrofit of buildings, aiming at reaching the nZEB target.

Building stock analysis to support industrialised deep renovation

Analysing European building stock and evaluating the feasibility for the application of industrialised envelope kits.

Overcoming challenges to the adoption of Industrialized Renovation Kits and boosting the Renovation Wave

Discover the challenges and solution strategies to sustain the market for Industrialized Renovation Kits and contribute to the Renovation Wave.

Mid-term conference @REbuild 2023: join us there!

Conference and workshop on off-site retrofit at the 2023 edition of REbuild, the first Italian event dedicated to sustainable innovation of the built environment.

New study on hidden colored Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) 

The technological solutions for introducing colors in BIPV modules and the challenges of the aesthetic integration in building design.

New test on ventilation machine and prefab balconies at Eurac Research outdoor lab

New tests on the ventilation unit conducted to assess accessibility for repairs and maintenance, and installation in new configuration; integrated in the balcony prototype.

Open Day for Schools: II edition

On the 18th of November Mattia Dallapiccola has presented his skills achieved through education and working carrier in the Photovoltaics Sector to the High School classes in the Italian Alto Adige Region.

INFINITE newsletter #3 is out!

Read INFINITE project’s third newsletter

Change in demo site in France

A new building has replaced the one previously selected to host INFINITE technologies.

Mock-up kits up and running at Eurac Research labs

After an intense period dedicated to the design of the technical components, full-scale mock-ups of INFINITE kits have recently been installed at Eurac Research outdoor labs to test their overall aesthetic appearance and gain a better understanding of the interaction among kits on the same façade.

The Future Envelope – Towards Zero Carbon Buildings

15-16 December 2022, Bolzano-Bozen

Primož Praper in the race for The Roger Léron Award in the field of energy efficiency

Primož Praper, CEO of INFINITE’s partner organisation EUTRIP was nominated for his significant contribution to the energy transition at a local or regional level.

Assessing social sustainability of retrofit technology

Presentation at S-LCA Conference, 7 September at 11:15

Workshop: Off-Site Plug-and-Play Prefab Systems

September 8th, 2022 from 9h to 10:30h

Green is not just beautiful

Cities all over the world are going green to adapt to climate change and to preserve wildlife. On June 6th World Green Roof Day celebrates green roofs and their many benefits for people and nature.

INFINITE newsletter is out!

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Designed to make the difference

Understanding the demand-side requirements is the first step towards designing functional technology solutions. Over the past year, INFINITE partners carried out extensive research to fine-tune the project’s envelope kits for renovation.

The essential role of BIPV towards energy transition

Photovoltaics on the built environment can support the achievements of the EU targets by turning buildings into decentralised energy producers.

Trend paper “Renovating the building envelope – Quo vadis?”

The European Construction Sector Observatory recently published a paper on the policies and initiatives fostering the adoption of building envelopes solutions.

A tool to optimise Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)

Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) can contribute to accelerate the global energy transition, producing electricity from renewable energy sources directly in the buildings.

Evaluating the social impact of retrofitting technologies

The INFINITE project is launching a survey to assess the social impacts of retrofitting technologies in the building renovation value chain.

World Conference on Timber Engineering

19.-22. June, 2023, Oslo, Norway

EuroSun 2022 call for Abstracts

The International Solar Energy Society and the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme are pleased to announce the Call for Papers for the upcoming EuroSun 2022 Conference, from 25 – 29 September 2022 in Kassel, Germany. 

PowerSKIN Conference – Call for Abstracts

The next edition of the PowerSKIN Conference will take place on the 8th of December 2022.

The importance of context analysis in assessing the social impacts of retrofitting technologies: the Italian case

Investigating the social and socio-economic context of the building under renovation is crucial for evaluating the impact of retrofitting actions.

Let’s renovate the houses! Do cockroaches really only move at night?

An anthropologist shares her experience after spending a few weeks in INFINITE demo site in Slovenia.

Smart window solutions to be presented at Advanced Building Skins Conference

Leitat will present INFINITE smart window kit on the 21st of October at 14:30h

Technology to serve people

The University of Ljubljana explains why knowing your future users matters when developing new energy efficient products.

INFINITE goes to Sustainable Places

The project will participate in Sustainable Places 2021 with two workshops and a paper. All events will be livestream.

INFINITE study on coloured PV to be presented at EU PVSEC

Eurac Research investigated how colour may affect the energy performance of PV modules.

First visit to the Italian demo case

INFINITE partners went to Florence to visit the demonstration buildings and meet the residents.

The first INFINITE newsletter is out!

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Bringing innovation to the renovation sector

The results of the workshop organised by Huygen offer an analysis of INFINITE renovation process.

Modular and industrialised solutions for building renovation

One of the options to accelerate the renovation rate looks at developing a deep retrofit approach based on modular and industrialised solutions.

Old but sustainable: buildings of the future or a utopian ideal?

The rate of renovation of European buildings has been stuck at one per cent for years, yet energy efficiency has been a key point in every European climate strategy for a decade now.