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Coordinator: Stefano Avesani Eurac Research
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Manager: Gloria Peasso Eurac Research

Heating up towards spring

Some updates from the renovation of the demo building in Ravne na Koroškem, Slovenia, are the perfect way to welcome the start of spring.

The heat pump was successfully installed in the winter and now is under a commissioning process to be soon fully operational.
With the arrival of the ventilation VORTICE machine in the next months, we will complete the energy and fresh air distribution kit for the new upper floor.

In fact, heating and cooling services will be efficiently managed by the building’s central thermal plant, which integrates a district heating network with an air-to-water heat pump. This integrated system will deliver warm or cool air into apartments via the ventilation system allowing also the air renew of the flats.


From paper to reality: first tests on the Slovenian demo building

Installation tests on the mock-up BIPV façade in the Slovenian demo building and advancements in the ventilation system.

Primož Praper in the race for The Roger Léron Award in the field of energy efficiency

Primož Praper, CEO of INFINITE’s partner organisation EUTRIP was nominated for his significant contribution to the energy transition at a local or regional level.

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