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How will the next generation of dynamic smart windows operate?

An innovative smart window technology referred as “plasmochromic” is being developed in the framework of the INFINITE project.

Plasmochromic glazing are capable of selectively controlling the incoming solar radiation in the near-infrared range in response to variable operative conditions, either external or internal. They permit indoor occupants to dynamically filter out the amount of thermal radiation passing through the window by means of blocking the solar heat gain during hot summer days and to allow radiation heating in winter conditions. They use transparent plasmonic semiconducting nanocrystals which can selectively filter near-infrared solar radiation. This means a better thermal and visual comfort as well as a reduction in energy consumption.

A new study by LEITAT and Eurac Research delves into the core attributes of such glazing systems, highlighting recent advancements in their design and fabrication. The paper presents a preliminary performance assessment of smart glazing employing this technology by evaluating key metrics like luminous transmittance, solar transmittance, and total solar heat gain coefficient, .

The study “Plasmochromic Modules for Smart Windows: Design, Manufacturing and Solar Control Strategies” has been conducted by Mirco Riganti, Julia Olive, Michele Manca of LEITAT Technological Center and Francesco Isaia of Eurac Research, Institute for Renewable Energy.

The study is part of the Journal of Facade Design and Engineering Special Issue Multifunctional Façades for Renovation through Industrialization, guest edited by project coordinators of INFINITE, ENSNARE and PLURAL.


Smart Glazing for Energy-Efficient Building Envelopes at Sustainable Places 2023

Enhancing efficiency and comfort with plasmochromic technology developed during INFINITE research project.

Mock-up kits up and running at Eurac Research labs

After an intense period dedicated to the design of the technical components, full-scale mock-ups of INFINITE kits have recently been installed at Eurac Research outdoor labs to test their overall aesthetic appearance and gain a better understanding of the interaction among kits on the same façade.

The Future Envelope – Towards Zero Carbon Buildings

15-16 December 2022, Bolzano-Bozen

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