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Coordinator: Stefano Avesani Eurac Research
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Manager: Gloria Peasso Eurac Research


INFINITE will develop five all-in-one industrialised envelope kits, designed to cover near ZEB retrofit needs.

The concept consists in modular timber frames that can be easily installed on the external surface of the building to achieve a high-level of energy efficiency and indoor comfort, while reducing time and costs of renovation. Each module may integrate one or more technological components to offer tailor-made solutions. The range of technologies available includes: 

  1. passive eco-compatible & green envelope solutions
  2. energy and fresh air distribution system
  3. smart windows (smart glazing)
  4. building integrated photovoltaic system (BIPV)
  5. solar-thermal generation system (BIST)

The design of the kits is made easy by a multi-user BIM platform with a palette of plugins dedicated to LCA/LCC, Energy and comfort, and O&M. Such design framework will facilitate the design and implementation processes, ensuring better coordination among stakeholders and improving the final environmental and economic performance of the building.

To ensure a high performance during the building lifetime, a building management system (BMS) will complete INFINITE selection of technologies. The tool will be tailored on different kinds of users and will act both at single flat and at building levels, providing information on the building’s performance, and working as a central brain for the energy system.

Discover INFINITE technologies!. Click on the image below to read about each technological component.

Passive eco-compatible & green envelope kit

INFINITE industrialised green envelope kit stems from the need to optimise the manufacturingand installation of façade elements with green cladding.

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Energy and fresh air distribution kit

This kit is designed to provide fresh air, heating, and cooling to the dwellings through the integration of several technical components into the façade modules.

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Smart window kit (smart glazing)

This kit consists of easy-to-install smart and adaptive glazing solutions integrated in a smart frame, pre-installed within the wooden façade module.

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Energy generation BIPV kit

INFINITE offers a fully customisable “plug & play” PV system able to maximise energy harvesting and on-site renewable energy usage.

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Solar-thermal generation kit (BIST)

INFINITE Building Integrated Solar Thermal (BIST) system consists in industrialised envelope modules that contain a solar thermal collector able to generate energy from solar radiation.

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Adaptable BMS

INFINITE Building Management System will take advantage of human-building interaction to optimise the use of energy and ultimately reach near ZEB standards during operation.

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BIM Platform

INFINITE BIM platform will allow to keep a tailor-made design and will provide users with a valid decision-support tool to help them select the industrialised solutions.

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FANTI LEGNAMI SRL: pioneering timber construction joins INFINITE. 

FANTI LEGNAMI SRL will contribute to the implementation of innovative prefabricated envelope solutions for building renovation.

From social housing to INFINITE.

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