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Multifunctional facades on JFDE special issue

We are excited to start 2024 with a significant accomplishment: the release of a Special Issue of The Journal of Facade Design and Engineering “Multifunctional Façades for Renovation through Industrialization.”

This special edition brings together findings from H2020-funded projects DRIVE0, ENSNARE, INFINITE, PLURAL, StepUP, and Switch2Save. The common objective of the six projects is the development of multi-functional envelope solutions for deep renovation of buildings.

The articles cover advancements in façade technology and the assessment of system and kit components, and tackle aspects such as the design of prefabricated opaque and transparent façade systems, new approaches for representing façades in building models, cost analyses for traditional and industrialized deep retrofit scenarios, and holistic assessment methods for off-site prefabricated hybrid façade systems.

The issue has been guest edited by

  1. Maria Founti, professor at School of Mechanical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens and PLURAL project coordinator
  2. Stefano Avesani, senior researcher at Eurac Research and INFINITE project coordinator
  3. Peru Elguezabal Esnarrizaga, senior researcher at TECNALIA, Basque Research and Technology Alliance and ENSNARE project coordinator.

INFINITE takes part in this special edition with two articles:

Read the special issue on JFDE website.


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