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Coordinator: Stefano Avesani Eurac Research
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Manager: Gloria Peasso Eurac Research

Building stock analysis to support industrialised deep renovation

The EU-funded project INFINITE aims to create a set of all-in-one industrialised envelope kits and a building management system, designed to reach the near ZEB retrofit standard.  

The building stock is very variable in terms of buildings and owners characteristics, which leads to an uncertainty in the definition of industrialized renovation kits. Therefore, the building stock have been analysed to cluster the demand-side of the European building stock depending on the feasibility for the application of INFINITE industrialised envelope kits.  

Hence, a first step of the research in this field has focused on analysing the EU building stock from the perspective of the necessary requirements for industrialised renovation

There are several characteristics of buildings that affect the design and installation of industrialised elements, which are grouped into the following categories:

A combination of parameters optimal for the installation of each technology is reported in Deliverable 2.1 “Building stock analysis to support industrialised deep retrofit”

Read the report here. 


ISO 52016-1 buildings’ energy performance analysis made easier

New library to calculate energy needs of buildings, through simulations made using building archetypes.

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