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Coordinator: Stefano Avesani Eurac Research
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Manager: Gloria Peasso Eurac Research

New case study: renovation of a 1950 two storey building

A big change is happening in INFINITE: the French demo case changes. The technologies will be implemented in a building located in the north of France and constructed in 1950.

This building is a traditional construction, surrounded by masonry perimeter walls. The features of this building make it a very interesting demo case, as it very versatile for the experiment of new renovation technologies.

The very features that make this building interesting also pose a great challenge. This is since the building has to renovated and made energy-efficient, while maintaining its architectural integrity.

The installation of new technologies therefore cannot take place if the technologies do not have an ATEx on the solution. The ATEx is the Technical Experimentation Assessment, made by group of experts. It is a procedure that assess technically an innovative product and is a step prior of the Technical Appraisal. It is a useful procedure as it makes easier the execution of the first innovative projects featuring this technology.

Therefore, an ATEx on the BIPV is being pursued.

Find out more details on the French demo case, on its challenges and the technologies that will be implemented on the dedicated page.


FANTI LEGNAMI SRL: pioneering timber construction joins INFINITE. 

FANTI LEGNAMI SRL will contribute to the implementation of innovative prefabricated envelope solutions for building renovation.

From social housing to INFINITE.

Vilogia entrepreneurial group specializing in social housing, joins INFINITE project.

INFINITE at BauZ! Congress in Vienna

Presentation of mock-up results with focus on green kit and BIM platform introduction.

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