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Coordinator: Stefano Avesani Eurac Research
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Manager: Gloria Peasso Eurac Research
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Adaptable BMS

ABMS: INFINITE renovation concept considers human-building interaction to optimise the use of energy and ultimately reach near ZEB standards during operation. The distributed network of sensors integrated at dwelling and building levels as well as in all envelope components and kits will be connected to a Building Management System (BMS) to communicate real-time data about comfort and energy needs and let users control the active systems according to the suggestions provided. 

Thanks to predictive modules for weather and energy usage, the aBMS will be able to evaluate the best control strategies for the active devices. The system will favour self-consumption of the electricity generated locally to ensure a high level of internal comfort with minimal energy consumption contributing to the overall NZEB objective of the project.

The aBMS will provide a set of services such as customisable alerts, tools for predictive maintenance and live visualisation of data on comfort and energy consumption. Due to the intelligent thermostat, the dwellers will be able to predict their own energy annual bills as per their comfort (ambient temperature…). It will adapt to different kinds of users, like facility managers, maintenance operators and dwellers.


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Mock-up kits up and running at Eurac Research labs

After an intense period dedicated to the design of the technical components, full-scale mock-ups of INFINITE kits have recently been installed at Eurac Research outdoor labs to test their overall aesthetic appearance and gain a better understanding of the interaction among kits on the same façade.

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