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Coordinator: Stefano Avesani Eurac Research
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Manager: Riccarda Moser Eurac Research
Technology icon Solar-thermal generation kit (BIST)

Solar-thermal generation kit (BIST)

INFINITE Building Integrated Solar Thermal (BIST) system consists in industrialised envelope modules that contain a solar thermal collector able to generate energy from solar radiation. The system is connected to a centralised heat pump that is associated to two water tanks to produce heating and domestic hot water. This solution can also act as a cooling system where the panels are used as evaporators. The BIST system is therefore perfectly suited for nZEB construction projects, as well as for highly energy-efficient renovation projects.  

The kit is completed by an adaptive controller that integrates predictive modules and mixed physics and data-based learning models to ensure the best performance with the smallest amount of energy.

Why to choose the BIST kit

  • It’s sustainable: the energy generated by the solar thermal collector is used to provide heating, cooling and domestic hot water.
  • Control algorithms ensure a high level of energy efficiency.
  • The system can be coupled to the building’s main energy system to lower energy consumption.
  • It looks nice: designers can achieve the desired effect by choosing among all types of metallic finishing (cladding, cassette, etc.), shapes and sizes.

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