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Coordinator: Stefano Avesani Eurac Research
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Technology icon Energy and fresh air distribution kit

Energy and fresh air distribution kit

Energy and air distribution: this kit is designed to provide fresh air, heating, and cooling to the dwellings through the integration of the following technical components into the façade modules:

  1. Mechanical Ventilation Unit (MVU) with heat recovery and water coil for air heating and cooling
  2. Air ducts with connection points for fresh and exhaust air
  3. Water pipes connected to the heat pump
  4. Electric wires
  5. Sensing and control unit

The ventilation units are connected to different areas of the apartments through air ducts running into the prefabricated façade modules. The energy needed for heating and cooling is generated by a centralised heat pump that can be placed on the rooftop or in other technical spaces and is connected to each decentralised ventilation unit through façade-integrated water pipes. The system regulates the amount of air and energy distributed depending on the indoor conditions of the apartments.

Why to choose the energy
and air distribution kit

Energy air distribution
  • This solution guarantees the comfort of the occupants and optimises the consumption of energy.
  • This system allows to provide HVAC services to all internal spaces without intrusive interventions and in a cost-effective way.
  • Compared to bulky fully centralised solutions, this kit is more suitable to buildings with small indoor spaces.

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