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Coordinator: Stefano Avesani Eurac Research
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Manager: Riccarda Moser Eurac Research
Technology icon Passive eco-compatible & green envelope kit

Passive eco-compatible & green envelope kit

INFINITE industrialised green envelope kit stems from the need to optimise the manufacturing and installation of façade elements with green cladding.  This kit includes two modules, one for the façade of the building, the other one for the roof. The latter will be coupled with a PV system and tested in real environment.

Two more components, a grey water treatment unit and a bio-electrochemical system (BES), allow users to improve the management of irrigation, thus reducing the effort needed for operation and maintenance of the “living” envelope. Grey water treatment units facilitate the recirculation of rainwater, while the innovative bio electrochemical technology generates electricity from the degradation of organic matter during the treatment of wastewater. The electricity produced can be used to power environmental sensors to measure soil temperature, humidity, and solar radiation.

Why to choose the green envelope kit

green envelope
  • Plants absorb solar radiation and produce moisture, they “sweat”. This process called transpiration cools down the surrounding environment and prevents overheating in summer.
  • Green roofs and walls offer shelter and nourishment to a large variety of different animals and plant species. As more natural surfaces get sealed every day, it is important to provide a home for wild bees, birds and other animals to increase biodiversity.
  • With higher temperatures, the performance of PV-modules is reduced. Combining the modules with a green roof can increase the output of the modules because it keeps a lower temperature around the PV system.
  • The grey water / rainwater treatment system reduces the need for potable water for irrigation.

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Green is not just beautiful

Cities all over the world are going green to adapt to climate change and to preserve wildlife. On June 6th World Green Roof Day celebrates green roofs and their many benefits for people and nature.

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Understanding the demand-side requirements is the first step towards designing functional technology solutions. Over the past year, INFINITE partners carried out extensive research to fine-tune the project’s envelope kits for renovation

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