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Coordinator: Stefano Avesani Eurac Research
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Manager: Gloria Peasso Eurac Research
Technology icon Smart window kit (smart glazing)

Smart window kit (smart glazing)

Smart window kit: this kit consists of easy-to-install smart and adaptive glazing solutions integrated in a smart frame, pre-installed within the wooden façade module. Such smart windows are conceived to enhance indoor comfort and reduce energy consumption. Depending on the budget and on technical and aesthetical variabilities, it is possible to choose among two kinds of smart windows:

  1. an insulated glazing unit with integrated wireless sensors that measure solar irradiation, which is used to dynamically control sun blinds to keep out the heat during summer and leave it in during winter, and
  2. an insulated glazing unit with dual band electrochromic glass (referred to as plasmochromic glass), able to selectively regulate the intensity of the incoming solar radiation in the near infrared range (thermal radiation) and to get dark if required. 

Both the solutions will embed a set of optical, thermal and humidity sensors (powered by an integrated PV module) interfaced with a smart control system that enables automatic regulation of both daylight and thermal radiation. The control system will collect data about environmental conditions and responds automatically based on a control algorithm optimised to reduce the overall building energy consumption (e.g. by accordingly regulating lighting and HVAC utilities) and maximise both the visual and thermal comfort. Users will also be able to control the windows by mobile devices.

Why to choose the smart window kit

smart window
  • Letting the right amount of heat enter the building depending on the external weather conditions reduces the need for heating and air conditioning to keep a comfortable temperature.
  • Smart windows are fully automated, but it is possible for users to control them manually at any time.
  • More privacy can be achieved, if desired, by darkening the glass on demand.
  • The prefabrication of the window into the wooden façade reduces the risks of errors during the installation phase on site.

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Enhancing efficiency and comfort with plasmochromic technology developed during INFINITE research project.

Mock-up kits up and running at Eurac Research labs

After an intense period dedicated to the design of the technical components, full-scale mock-ups of INFINITE kits have recently been installed at Eurac Research outdoor labs to test their overall aesthetic appearance and gain a better understanding of the interaction among kits on the same façade.

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