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Coordinator: Stefano Avesani Eurac Research
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Manager: Gloria Peasso Eurac Research

Sister projects

The main goal of the ENSNARE project (ENvelope meSh aNd digitAl framework for building Renovation) is to boost the implementation of NZEB renovation packages in Europe, with a focus on residential buildings. To accomplish this objective, the project develops two key structures based on industrialization and digital principles: an envelope mesh and a digital platform that interconnect all building components. The envelope mesh is fully modular and facilitates the mechanical assembly and interconnection of all components and energy/data networks. The digital platform is aimed at providing stakeholders with a clear structure and access to a wide range of technologies for deep renovation of buildings.

The European Research & Innovation project PLURAL funded by the Horizon 2020 programme aims to design, validate and demonstrate a palette of versatile, adaptable, scalable, off-site prefabricated Plug-and-Use kits. The objectives of the project will be achieved through international cooperation of 18 partners from 7 European countries with overall budget of 9,5 million EUR.