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Coordinator: Stefano Avesani Eurac Research
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Manager: Gloria Peasso Eurac Research


Vilogia is an entrepreneurial group of social housing with a strong social, societal and environmental responsibility. We own and manage a stock of rented property including 85 000 dwellings spread in main high-demand areas in France. We house around 160 000 tenants. We are a big social housing company in France with an average of 2 000 new dwellings delivered and 1 500 retrofitted per year.

Vilogia is one of the most innovative companies in the French social housing sector. For more than ten years, Vilogia has had an innovation department of 15 people. This tonic team is involved in several European projects (H2020 or Interreg projects).

We actively participate in projects that focus on reducing the energy consumption of our building stock, helping our tenants in better management of their energy bills with the goal of reducing our ecological footprint. In 2020, Vilogia had delivered 217 passive housing units all over France ; 406 were delivered 2023. The company is also a pioneer in implementing Energiesprong projects (Net Zero retrofits with an off-site industrial process) in France.